1.  What is the school uniform and how do I purchase it?

Please view the School Uniform page for our policy and for information and links to our uniform supplier. The school jumpers are navy blue, and badged uniforms are not required.

2.  What if my child’s school shoes are lost or damaged?

Please view the School Uniform page for information on uniforms. However, we do understand that shoes are occasionally damaged before a new pair can be purchased. Therefore, we ask that the class teacher is notified and that the child returns to wearing the correct school uniform as soon as possible.  

3.  What if my child forgets his/her P.E. kit?

We do have spare P.E. kits available, but availability is limited. Clearly forgetting their kit is not a reason to miss what is an integral part of the curriculum, on more than one occasion. Leaving P.E. kits in school from Monday to Friday is a really good idea, as extra sessions of P.E. may take place during the week. Please name all items in the P.E. kit.

4.  How does dinner/snack money work?

Dinner money must be brought into school on a Monday for the week. Cheques can be made payable to Hungerford Primary Academy, or cash in a named, sealed envelope. Snack money can be brought in daily and the child’s teacher will collect it and hand it back at the appropriate time.

5.  What if my child requires medicine while at school?

Please view our Medicines Policy for details of our guidelines and procedures regarding different types of medication in the school environment. If it is prescribed for your child to have medicine during the school day, Hungerford Primary Academy staff will administer this medicine according to our policy. The medicine must be brought in by a parent, with an accompanying permission form which is available from the main office. Under no circumstances are children to carry medicines to school, or to self-administer any medicines (even non-prescription medicine). Please note, we will never administer the first dose of a prescribed medicine.

6.  What if my child is sick and needs to stay home from school? (How do I report an absence?)

Please view our Attendance Policy and Attendance Guidance Notes for comprehensive information regarding absence reporting. However, absences are to be officially reported by calling our dedicated message service. The telephone number is 01270 685 090.

7.  What if my child is unwell in the morning, but not unwell enough to stay home from school all day?

Please report your child absent in the morning by calling 01270 685 090. However, you may bring your child in when s/he is well enough, even if it is later that same day. We leave this judgement to parents. It is strongly advised, however, that a child should stay away from school for 48 hours after a period of sickness and diarrhoea.

8.  What if my child is upset about something and doesn’t want to come to school?

Hungerford Primary Academy has two dedicated Family Support Workers on hand to support children if they are struggling emotionally with something that has happened outside of school, or if there has been an incident at school that is worrying them. Please encourage your child to come to school as usual and they can approach any teacher or member of staff privately if needed. You may also contact the main office to let the class teacher know, one of our Family Support Workers, or send a note in with the child requesting that they meet with the FSW or that their teacher be made aware of an issue affecting your child.

9.  What if I can’t pick up my child from school?

If you cannot pick your child up from school and have designated someone to do this in your place, you must notify the main office in writing. If you are going to be unavoidably late, please also notify the main office so that arrangements can be made to keep your child safe while waiting for you.

10.  What if a fire alarm sounds before or after school?

In the event of a fire alarm, please congregate on the rear playground until we can ascertain that everyone is safe.

11.  What if my child has done some extra work or achieved something outside of school?

Hungerford Primary Academy happily supports achievement inside and outside of school, both academic and extracurricular. Please have your child advise their teacher of this achievement so that it can be shared with the class or school, if appropriate.

12.  Can we take family holiday during term time?

No. Absence from school can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. It is anticipated that these circumstances will be rare. The local authority imposes a fine of £60 per child, per parent for unauthorised holidays.  Please see our Attendance Policy & Attendance Guidance Notes for further information regarding attendance. 

13.  Who can I contact at Hungerford Primary Academy for more information?

Rachel Jobling can be contacted for general information or to request paper copies of any of our policies/forms. Visit the Main Office, telephone 01270 685090 or email admin@hungerfordacademy.org . For special educational needs information (SEN), please contact Rachel Whiston at the same telephone number or email rachel.whiston@hungerfordacademy.org. 



Don't hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions.