Year Groups

Hungerford Primary Academy welcomes children ages 3-11. We are a two form entry, meaning we have two classes of 30 children per year group, as well as two 26 place nursery classes.

Each year group occupies an open-plan space, with distinct areas for teacher-led activities. This way, the year group shares resources and a sense of fellowship while still being able to break away into smaller groups.

The nursery is slightly different, in that one class of 26 attends a morning session and the other class of 26 attends in the afternoon. This keeps the numbers low enough in the classroom to keep the little ones from getting too distracted.

Please click on the links below or use the drop down menu to learn more about each year group.

Preschool (previously Nursery)                          Year Three

Reception                                                               Year Four                    

Year One                                                                 Year Five

Year Two                                                                 Year Six

 Year One/Two





Topics by Year Group for 2016-2017

Please see attached document for the topics that are set to be covered in each year group, per term. Some topics will be child-initiated and are therefore subject to change.